Sample Daily Agenda

This week’s focus: Owls -- Nightime Hunters
Letter: R is for Raptor
8:45 Arrival & centers
Art: Make your own owl puppet, ice and glitter hanging decoration for an outdoor tree, easel painting


Measure the carrot sprouts, patterning with owl stamps


rice and confetti and measuring, playdough

Letter work:

build an r with blocks

Light table:

Coloring different types of owls, Find and circle all the owls in their homes in the US. Talk about the diff places owls live, where would you want to live if you were an owl?
Snack popcorn, apple and cheese
Read: Owl Moon



Clean up


10:10 Morning Meeting

Guess the theme from hints: I am thinking of….


Kids become owls:
  • 5 little owls on a moonlit night 5 little owls are quite a sight.
  • 5 little owls Are you keeping score? One flew away! And then there were 4.
  • 4 little owls Happy as can be, One flew away! Then there were 3.
  • 3 little owls Calling "Whoo! Whoo!" One flew away! And that left two.
  • 2 little owls having lots of fun. One flew away! And that left 1.
  • 1 little owl We are almost done. He flew away! And that leaves none.
Calendar and weather


Owl Ears: Practice locating sounds as a hunting owl would (kids have blindfolds on, I move around in the room and make a soft sound.

  • First, without moving their heads towards the sound, they point to where the sound came from
  • Second, they cup their hands behind their ears (owl ears) and move their heads toward the sound.
  • Discuss how owls have facial disks and the feathers funnel the sound into the ear openings.
Transition to outside


10:30 - 11:15  




Inside and wash up






Group Story time


Yoga Games


Shanti means peace “Shanti, shanti in me and you. Peace, peace in all we do.” Pass a ball around the circle, tell something good about yourself (or like to do, favorite toy), pass the ball and repeat.
Balloon Game  

Send a balloon around the circle, everyone must hit it with a specific body part.


Nonfiction Story  




fly and hoot like and owl


12:30 Outside/pick up

Field Trips or in-services

horse barn field trip

These happen about one time per month and have included:

  • Homestead Gardens Christmas-trains and llamas
  • Horse farm and pony rides
  • The Cape Beach picnic and fishing
  • Owls in-service Carrie Murray Nature Center
  • Cape St Claire Fire Department in-service
  • Graul's Grocery store behind the scenes tour
  • Broadneck park and nature trail
  • Best Beginning stream hike
  • Best Beginning woods hike and playground picnic
  • Nature Walks
  • Guiding Eyes in-service on guide dogs for the blind