“We couldn’t be happier with the educational foundation our daughter, Sadie, received during her years at Best Beginning.  She has transitioned splendidly from our relatively low-key family life to the energetic atmosphere of Kindergarten, and we have been pleased to watch her thrive and grow.  She is empathetic, thoughtful, and quite outgoing – her teachers even call her ‘Social Sadie.’  With regards to academics, she approaches school with unbridled enthusiasm – every day holds some new excitement, something new to learn, and she is always happy to be there.  She learned to read almost instantly upon entry into Kindergarten and writes long, creative stories utilizing words we would never have expected her to have learned before her 100th day of school (or, frankly, before second or third grade).  What’s more, she never hesitates to try new things educationally – she may not have mastered spelling within the first month of kindergarten, but she is confident in her abilities and never hesitates to take intellectual risks.  We attribute this to the warm, nurturing, creative environment at Best Beginning- it helped our daughter develop a sense of social and educational confidence that other learning environments simply couldn’t have matched.  We are incredibly proud of her and happy with our decision to let her learn and grow at Best Beginning.  “

“In September our daughter started at Best Beginning Preschool. She absolutely adores going to school…she runs to the door every visit. Ms. Stef is her teacher and she just loves playing and learning. It is a truly a wonderful and supportive environment where kids can be kids. She does a lot of art, music, games, pretend play, and outdoor activities. It is an amazing place.”


“Ms. Stef goes above and beyond in her work and planning for the school. Every morning when I would drop off my son there were numerous engaging, fun educational activities set up for the students to work on as they transitioned to school. She takes the kids’ interests and needs into account when she plans upcoming themes. The classroom is a beautiful, light-filled space with a wide variety of materials. Ms. Stef is wonderful with the children, listening to them and inspiring them to try new things and learn about the world around them. She really connects with her students and makes learning fun.”


“Sending our daughter to Best Beginning was the best decision we ever made! The small class size offers plenty of individual attention for her with quality one-on-one time for her to perfect her math and reading skills. Best Beginning has equipped her with the tools she needs to excel in Kindergarten, and to excel in life. She is encouraged to explore the world around her, both indoors and out, and she has developed a healthy and wonderful respect for nature and her community. She has thrived in this nurturing environment and has developed the confidence to face every challenge as a new adventure. Thank you Best Beginning and Thank you Ms. Stef!”


“I love Best Beginning because it has brought out (albeit tiny) our son’s sense of person — he’s more confident, more inquisitive, more independent, more tuned in to how the world around him works. He is growing and maturing as he is learning — and he doesn’t even know it.  I also love how Best Beginning approaches peer relationships. Everyone is a “friend” from day one and we’ve all watched really close bonds develop over the year and the kids discover shared interests. Each day we don’t go to school is a major disappointment for our son — he said the other day, “why is school this day but not that day and then this day but not that day?” It makes me feel good to know that school is something he looks forward to and views as a special experience.”

students on ropes course

“We are so grateful for Best Beginning. Our daughter loves it so much, dressing herself and ‘packing her pretty bag’ before the rest of the house is even awake. Miss Stef has given her such a wonderful sense of learning and discovery. The other children at Best Beginning have shared with our daughter the gift of understanding and friendship. Thank you Stef!”